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Validity of conditions precedent confirmed by Supreme Court

The Federal Supreme Court has decided a long time disputed issue.

von Dr. Christoph K. Graber in Expert Guides, Insurance and Reinsurance Lawyers,
Juni 2011

Administrative Assistance in tax matters – focus on UBS

Q & A on various aspects of the administrative assistance procedure in tax matters, highlighting the situation of UBS-clients and the respective treaty between US and Switzerland.

von Dr. Urs Feller in The American Lawyer, Focus Europe an ALM Supplement
Juni 2011

Dispute Resolution Country Q&A Switzerland

Article on the main principles of dispute resolution in Switzerland (litigation and arbitration) in civil matters under the new Code of Civil Procedure in Q&A Format.

von Dr. Urs Feller, Marcel Frey and Bernhard C. Lauterburg in Practical Law Company Dispute Resolution Handbook 2011/2012
Mai 2011

Practical implications for directors of a financially impaired company under Swiss law

This article tries to provide a brief overview of the problems which directors of a financially impaired company are facing under Swiss law. After discussing the directors’ duties, it summarises the statutory provisions aimed at protecting the existence of the company on the one hand and the interests of creditors on the other. Finally, it concentrates on the rules to be observed in connection with attempts at arranging for a private financial restructuring in a situation where the liabilities of the company already exceed its assets.

von Dr. Andreas Moll and Robin Indermaur in Insolvency and Restructuring International
April 2011

Overview on selected aspects of Swiss insurance contract law

A quick reference guide to Swiss insurance contract law.

von Dr. Christoph K. Graber in Underwriters’ Handbook, 2nd Edition, compiled by Clyde & Co LLP
März 2011