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International Comparative Review of Subrogation Law – Switzerland

Content: Examination of Swiss insurance law with a view to the recognition of subrogation rights, requirements for their assertion and their extent, duties of the insured and the bearing of costs.

von Dr. Christoph K. Graber in Insurance Day
September 2009

Revamp of Insurance Act gives Swiss much to do

Overview of the new introductions in the revised statute governing insurances, with a special focus on disclosure requirements, consumer rights and procedural measures.

von Dr. Christoph K. Graber in Insurance Day
Juli 2008

Haftung des Motorfahrzeughalters für Versorgerschäden seiner Familienangehörigen

Diskussionsbeitrag zur Haftung für Versorgerschaden; Ablehnung einer Haftungserweiterung, insbesondere auch im Kontext der Motorfahrzeughaftpflicht mit direktem Forderungsrecht gegen den Versicherer.

Reinsurance in Switzerland – The Legal Framework

Overview of the law and customary practices governing reinsurance in Switzerland and the supervisory requirements for carrying on business including an analysis of questions pertaining to the applicability of foreign law in international reinsurance relationships.

von Dr. Christoph K. Graber in the International Reinsurance Review 04/05
Mai 2005

Professional Indemnity Insurance after Enron

Review of consequences drawn by insurers in the wake of recent economic developments, premium increases, hightend caution by insurers, more scrutiny in policy terms, risk selection and stricter auditor liability.

von Dr. Christoph K. Graber in IBA Insurance Committee Newsletter
September 2004