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The future of international litigation in Europe: proposed amendments to Council Regulation (EC) 44/2001

Report on the conference of the IBA Litigation Committee held in June 2009 in Vienna covering the session regarding the proposed amendments to the Council Regulation (EC) 44/2001 which emerged from the Brussels Convention, being one of the most important pieces of legislation for cross border litigation in Europe.“

von Dr. Urs Feller in International Litigation News
September 2009

Lawsuits by foreigners in Switzerland based on the Lugano Convention

Review of a court decision by the Federal Supreme Court on the topic of jurisdiction in Switzerland for foreign based claimants against Swiss banks based on the Lugano Convention

von Dr. Urs Feller and Marcel Frey in IBA International Litigation Newsletter
September 2009

Innovation im englischen Zivilprozessrecht – anwendbar auch in der Schweiz?

Untersuchung zum zivilprozessualen Instrument der Vertragsofferte der neuen englischen Civil Procedure Rules und zur Frage deren Übertragung ins schweizerische Zivilprozessrecht.

von Dr. Urs Feller in AJP 5/2002
Mai 2002