Subject: Dispute Resolution
Autor: Urs Feller, Martin Heisch
Paper: NZZ
Reading time: 5 Min

For internationally active companies, continuing their business in Russia is a balancing act.

The drastic sanctions imposed by Switzerland mean considerable additional work, especially in the area of compliance

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White Collar Crimes & Investigations

Companies shy away from the media when they fall victim to white collar crime. We represent affected companies and governing bodies in complex criminal proceedings and support our clients discreetly in internal investigations, for example in the event of deficiencies in corporate governance, suspected insider trading offences, money laundering or corruption. We also have extensive experience in complex asset recovery cases.



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Label: Highlight
Subject: Banking & Finance
Autor: Christian Schönfeld, Guy Deillon
Paper: NZZ
Reading time: 4 Min

Need for instruments against a bank run

An American law professor makes a proposal on how a withdrawal in panic of bank deposits could be curbed