Prager Dreifuss Diversity and Inclusion Statement

As an internationally operating law firm, Prager Dreifuss views diversity and inclusion as a key factor to providing the best possible quality of service with innovative solutions for our clients. Our team of diverse lawyers and staff is our firm's most valuable asset and we have been committed to fostering an inclusive environment since our inception.

To us, diversity means appreciating and valuing individual differences and bringing together employees with diverse life- and workstyles, experiences and perspectives, knowledge, capabilities and talent. Our understanding of diversity includes all ranges of nationality, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, age and many more.

Our D&I Commitments

Prager Dreifuss is committed to ensuring:

diversity at every level of our firm;

respectful treatment among all partners and employees;

a commitment to understanding and catering to employees' varying needs and requirements.

Hiring Process

We strive to continuously expand our hiring pool when recruiting staff and lawyers. We actively recruit lour employees from all over Switzerland through numerous channels, including on-campus initiatives, job fairs and from university competitions such as the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot.

Prager Dreifuss places a focus on hiring employees with experience in living, studying and working abroad. Presently, our employees speak ten languages and are qualified to practice law in several jurisdictions.

It is our commitment to continue to hire, retain and promote talented lawyers and staff with diverse backgrounds and experiences.


Our employees are the foundation of our firm and we seek to foster a work culture that is open and accessible to employees with varying backgrounds. We value and respect the ideas, contributions and creative solution approaches from all individuals with whom we collaborate.

Prager Dreifuss provides individual offices to all our legal staff, all of which are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Once a year, we hold 2-day summer off-site event which all our employees can attend to get to know each other on a personal level and work on team building exercises. All employees, including lawyers at all levels and all staff, are further invited to partake in an annual workplace survey in which they can place requests for change or suggestions on our firm structures. We allow each voice to be given weight and to be considered of value.

Workforce and Engagement

At Prager Dreifuss, we empower employees to have a say in how, when and where they chose to work and promote agile and flexible working, thus supporting our employees in pursuing academic qualifications and reconsiling their family lives with their careers. Further, Prager Dreifuss assists employees before, during and after parental leave by managing a successful handover, arranging for keep-in-touch-meetings during absence owing to parental duties and facilitating a smooth return to the work place. We are committed to an inclusive work approach and support all ranges of work, family and life models.

Our near-future D&I Goals

Our vision is to create an environment in which everyone thrives and to make a meaningful impact on our firm and our society. We aim to establish ourselves as market leader in diversity and inclusion. Our near-future D&I goals include:

Running regular audits to assess the effect of our salary equality policy with the Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality as of 2022.

Joining "Advance", an association which promotes gender equality in business.