Data protection – the challenge of the future

Want to benefit from the advantages of the digital business world? In that case, the rapidly changing data protection requirements will soon be relevant to you. At Prager Dreifuss, we will help you with all legal matters connected with data protection, such as the requirements imposed on a business model, how personal data may be used conforming to the law and how to deal with sensitive personal data. We will advise you and show you the safe route through this maze of new problems.

Do my customers read the small print?
T&Cs are not there to be clicked away and ignored!
Where is my data server located?
Does outsourcing mean my data is gone?

Nothing but the best for our clients

We will present you with solutions to data protection problems that are efficient, timely and tailored to your individual needs. This approach will enable you to turn your business ideas successfully into reality.

The practice

With many years of experience, we are experts in business law as well as in data protection law. Nevertheless, every business model - and therefore all advice on data protection - is unique. It is crucial for us to understand the circumstances of your business and your actual needs, so that we can align our advice with your requirements as effectively as possible. It is through personal contact that we can ask you the key questions and present you with a solution specially tailored to your requirements.

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Clarifying data protection

Do you process personal data that is protected by law?

In that case, you have to inform the data subjects concerned. We will help you prepare all the necessary documents with all the information required.

Data privacy in your everyday business

In what ways may I use my employees’ data? Can I use my customers’ data for promotional purposes? Are there types of data that I am not allowed to process?

Questions about data protection and privacy arise all the time in the course of everyday business. We will give you expert and efficient advice, enabling you to go about your business in compliance with the requirements of data protection legislation.


Digitalisation means that collaboration with external service providers, even to the point of outsourcing entire offices, is becoming more and more important in the whole world of business.

Whether you want to outsource your own operations or provide outsourcing services to other businesses, we will advise you on all the issues involved. We will help you draw up the contracts you need to protect your interests as effectively as possible and in line with legal requirements.

International data transfers

Today’s business world operates across borders. The moment personal data is transferred between different jurisdictions, special questions arise about whether such transfers are permissible and under which conditions. We will also advise you on these points and ensure that you can go about your business without incurring unnecessary risks.

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