Venture Capital

Founders and investors are faced with complex legal challenges throughout the entire lifecycle of an investment. We advise company founders and financiers of all kinds on debt, mezzanine or equity financing of venture companies and also on token sales. We can prepare, negotiate and execute financing rounds for companies in every stage of their growth pragmatically and cost-effectively, yet comprehensively, including notarization. After the investment process is completed, we advise our clients during the holding period and in an exit event.

Our Venture Capital services include

  • Tax and regulatory structuring of financing
  • Preparation of capitalization tables
  • Drafting, negotiating and executing term sheets and investment, loan, convertible loan, and/or shareholder agreements as well as other transaction documents (e.g. employment contracts and employee participation programmes)
  • Advice on white papers and regulatory assessment of initial coin offerings
  • Notarization of financing

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