Insurance & Reinsurance

We have many years of experience in Swiss and international insurance and reinsurance law and are one of the leading providers of legal services in this field. We advise insurers and reinsurers on national and international matters involving contract law and regulatory issues. A key focus of our insurance law activity is processing complex claims, ranging from examining the claim to assessing coverage issues and handling claims to representing our clients before courts and arbitration tribunals.

Our Insurance & Reinsurance services include

  • Advice on regulatory, contractual and supervisory issues
  • Advice on (re-)insurance and broker contracts
  • Licenses for insurance companies
  • Handling complex insurance claims, including in the areas of professional and public liability, liability of corporate bodies, justified reliance, product liability as well as aviation and transport law
  • Representation before courts, arbitration tribunals and vis-à-vis supervisory authorities (FINMA, etc.)

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"Mandatory Recourse" pursuant to art. 65 para. 3 of the Swiss Traffic Code

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Geschäftsführung und Folgepflicht in der offenen Mitversicherung