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Moot Court Trial Run at Prager Dreifuss

On February 11, 2020 the claimants from the University of Basel and the respondents represented by the University of Zurich fought an exciting arbitration battle in the Zurich offices of Prager Dreifuss:

In a matter revolving around a carbon free energy strategy, serious issues between a developer of pump hydro power plants and a manufacturer of sophisticated turbines had to be resolved. Several hair-splitting arguments on procedural issues had to be digested by the arbitral tribunal composed of our attorneys Marcel Frey (presiding arbitrator), Gion Jegher and Bernhard Lauterburg. Finally, the merits discussion delivered the answer to the ultimate question: Yes, the glass is half full!

The tribunal’s president opening the session (standing in the middle: Marcel Frey)
Bernhard Lauterburg double-checking facts
A tough challenge formulated by Gion Jegher
In the left corner: the University of Basel
True professionalism in the team of the University of Zurich: May I present my business card?
Claimants start to fire
The audience following the claimant’s line of argument
The representatives of the respondent are listening carefully
Claimant’s analogy on the glass being nearly empty.
Full glasses, however, at the reception after the conclusion of the proceedings.
by Marcel Frey