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Litigation and enforcement in Switzerland: overview

Dr. Urs Feller, Marcel Frey and Bernhard Lauterburg address key practical issues concerning dispute resolution in Switzerland in a Q&A format that gives a structured overview of matters ranging from court procedures; fees and funding; interim remedies (including attachment orders); disclosure; expert evidence; appeals; class actions; enforcement; cross-border issues; the use of ADR; and currently discussed reforms.

December 2018

Tax Newsletter November 2018: Revised Swiss corporate tax reform

Revised Swiss corporate tax reform will keep Switzerland a top corporate location – a brief overview.

by Dr. Roland Böhi, Danielle Wenger and Manuel Vogler in PD Newsletter / November 2018
November 2018

Class Actions in Switzerland

Dr. Urs Feller and Nina Lim discuss the new instruments proposed by the Swiss Federal Council in order to enhance and strengthen the collective enforcement in Switzerland when a large number of damaged parties is involved.

by Dr. Urs Feller and Nina Lim in The Lawyer Global Litigation 50 Special Feature - September 2018
November 2018

IFLR: New law for the recogntion of foreign insolvency decrees in Switzerland

In international insolvencies, the insolvency administrator and creditors have to look for assets of the debtor in foreign jurisdictions. To what extent this is possible depends on the local legal framework. Switzerland applies the concept of territoriality according to which foreign bankruptcy decrees need to be formally recognised. Because in practice the strict legal requirements have sometimes made the recognition of a decree difficult, Swiss legislation has now been revised.

A new law removes some of the major burdens and will facilitate the recognition of foreign insolvency decrees. The practical implications of this new law will still have to be looked into.

by Daniel Hayek and Mark Meili in IFLR October 2018
October 2018

The Insolvency Review 2018: Switzerland

In the 2018 edition “The Insolvency Review” Daniel Hayek and Laura Oegerli give a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of Swiss insolvency law and the newest developments in this area.

by Daniel Hayek and Laura Oegerli in The Insolvency Review 2018
October 2018