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Vertretung von Haftpflichtigen und Versicherungen

Overview on issues arising out of the representation of liable parties and insurances in civil and criminal proceedings. The author focuses in particular on questions relating to conflicts of interest, litigation, the relationship between the insurance and the policy holder, cost bearing and legal protection insurance.

by Dr. Christoph K. Graber in Handbücher für die Anwaltspraxis
May 2015

Diener zweier Herren? – Zur Rolle des Versicherungsbrokers

The author discusses the role of the insurance broker in the conclusion and the settlement of insurance contracts, focusing on the question of whose knowledge is attributed to whom, which is often relevant in practice. Does the policyholder know what the broker knows? Does the insurer know what the broker knows?

by Dr. Christoph K. Graber in Versicherungen und Broker, Tagungsband 2014
April 2015

Directors’ and Officers’ liability in Switzerland

An overview on directors’ and officers’ liability in Switzerland and related issues.

by Dr. Christoph K. Graber in Global Guide to Directors’ and Officers’ issues around the world 2013 by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
April 2013

Direct Third-Party Access to Liability Insurance

Review of the legal situation in Switzerland.

by Dr. Christoph K. Graber in IBA Insurance Committee Substantive Project 2012
October 2012

Insurance & Reinsurance

An overview on regulatory and contractual aspects of Swiss insurance and reinsurance law.

by Dr. Christoph K. Graber and Zsuzsanna Kunszt in The European Lawyer Reference
August 2012