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Newsletter – February 2017: 30-day Notification Period for Intercompany Dividends Eased – Assessment of Repayment Claims Relating to Withholding Taxes Paid and Default Interests Paid is Necessary

30-day notification period for intercompany dividends eased – assessment of repayment claims relating to withholding taxes paid and default interests paid is necessary

by Dr. Roland Böhi and Danielle Wenger in PD Tax Newsletter / February 2017
February 2017

Regularization of undisclosed assets in Switzerland and South Africa – Transparency on the horizon

Urs Feller, Danielle Wenger and Marcel Frey give an overview of the developments and the legal situation with regard to the regularization of undisclosed assets in Switzerland and South Africa. Recently, the two countries concluded an agreement on the exchange of tax information on the basis of the Common Reporting Standard. The impact of this agreement is analyzed. This article was co-authored with colleagues from South Africa.

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution 2016 Annual Review – Switzerland

Urs Feller discusses current trends and challenges in state court litigation and international arbitration proceedings as well as methods of proactive management of contractual disputes.

by Dr. Urs Feller in Financier Worldwide November 2016
December 2016

Getting ready for Automatic Exchange of Information

Ralph Butz and Michaela Kappeler discuss the legal framework regarding the introduction of the Automatic Exchange of Information in Switzerland as well as potential implementation issues.

by Ralph Butz in The Lawyer / October 2016
October 2016

Restructuring Merger with minority Shareholders

Dr. Roland Böhi explains the tax implications of a restructuring merger between sister companies in a situation where minority shareholders  now hold shares in the merged company in exchange for restructuring measures.

by Dr. Roland Böhi and Anna Eldring in Expert Focus 9/2016 (September 2016)
September 2016