Subject: Corporate News
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Bye bye Stadelhofen, hello Tiefenbrunnen

Another out of office trip?

No, we're enjoying the lake view at Bellerivestrasse 201 not just for the weekend, but for a full twelve months. With the start on 11 March, we began an exciting new chapter at Prager Dreifuss in Tiefenbrunnen - one that we will close again in March 2025 when we return to our newly renovated offices at Stadelhofen station.

With remarkable organisational talent and considerable muscle power, our colleagues have mastered the challenge of packing all important documents, files and archives in line with deadlines and data protection requirements. This was achieved without affecting our ongoing mandates. The last few weeks have been intense and have demanded a lot from everyone. But in these challenging times, we have also learnt to appreciate the spirit and resilience of our team anew.

Now that we've settled in at the other end of the Seefeld quarter, we're eager to hear your insider tips: Where can we find the best restaurants for a quick lunch, and where can we enjoy a relaxing beer with our colleagues after work? Luckily, we don't need directions for our lunchtime dip in the lake - we can already enjoy the picturesque view from our office window.