Subject: Corporate News , Litigation
Autor: Gion Jegher
Paper: Schulthess Verlag
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Out now: The Absent Opera Singer and Other Short Stories

Thirty exciting short stories for witty lawyers available from Schulthess Publisher.

Had enough of Sudoku and crossword puzzles? Here is the alternative for law students and legal practitioners: Prager Dreifuss partner Dr. Gion Jegher just published the fourth edition of the popular case collection on international private law.

Thirty exciting short stories cover the whole spectrum of international private law. The solutions, methodological tips for case handling and a detailed index provide readers with valuable support in dealing with complex conflict of laws issues. Relevant provisions of foreign law can be found in the separate appendix.

The well-proven concept has been revised and supplemented for this new edition. The cases are now arranged in thematic order and indicate their degree of difficulty. The two authors, Dr. Gion Jegher and Prof. Dr. Corinne Widmer Lüchinger (University of Basel), have revised the 25 cases of the previous edition and brought them up to date. Five new cases have been added.

All thirty cases are accompanied once again by brilliant illustrations of artist Thomas Ott. The book is highly valuable for both students and legal practitioners.

You can order the book (in German & PrintPlu§) directly from the publisher.

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