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Anik S. Zehnder


Position: Associate
Practice Areas: Banking & Finance , Corporate & M&A , Insolvency & Restructuring
Field-Display: Banking & Finance Team , Corporate & M&A Team , Insolvency & Restructuring Team

Anik S. Zehnder has been a lawyer at Prager Dreifuss since 2022. She advises national and international companies on contractual, corporate, debt enforcement and bankruptcy matters. Before that, Anik S. Zehnder gained experience in a pharmaceutical company as part of the Law and Compliance team, at the Zurich District Court and in a renowned, internationally oriented commercial law firm in Zurich Seefeld.  


+41 44 254 55 55


Admission to the Bar

Admitted in Switzerland (2022) 

Practice Areas

  • Banking & Finance
  • Corporate & M&A
  • Insolvency & Restructuring


  • University of Zurich (MLaw 2017)


  • German
  • English


Autor: Laura Oegerli

Switzerland in the UN Security Council as of 1 January 2023

As of 1 January 2023, Switzerland will be a non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations ("UN") for the next two years. Pascale Baeriswyl, Swiss representative to the United Nations, will sit with the UN diplomats of the member states of the Council at the UN Headquarters in New York almost daily to discus humanitarian and political developments. But what does this mean and what chances and difficulties does this prestigious mandate entail for Switzerland?

Subject: Dispute Resolution, Litigation
Autor: Daniel Hayek, Mark Meili
Paper: NZZ
Reading time: 4 Min

How companies sue states

Enforcing claims requires staying power.

Subject: Dispute Resolution, White Collar Crimes & Investigations
Autor: Urs Feller, Marcel Frey
Paper: PD Newsletter
Reading time: 5 Min

Remote Hearing of Swiss Witnesses in International Civil Procedures – Changes on the Legislative Horizon

Urs Feller and Marcel Frey present the recent proposals by the Swiss Federal Office of Justice and Police to introduce in the future the possibility of digital witness interrogations of Swiss resident parties in civil proceedings. Hitherto burdened with the need to obtain administrative consent by means of legal assistance requests, the amendment would do away with the need for prior approval, putting in its place a mere notification requirement, this in the hope of simplifying civil litigation going forward.

Subject: Insurance & Reinsurance
Paper: HAVE Haftung und Versicherung
Autor: Mike Abegg

Journal HAVE (Liability and Insurance) 4/2022

In this year's fourth edition of the journal "HAVE", Mike Abegg provides an overview of the legal position of the injured party vis-à-vis the liability insurer.

Subject: Insurance & Reinsurance
Autor: Gion Christian Casanova, Martin Heisch

The Insurance Disputes Law Review 2022: Switzerland

Christian Casanova and Martin Heisch have published the Swiss chapter in the fifth edition of "The Insurance Disputes Law Review". In this chapter, the authors provide an overview on topics and developments that are likely to have a substantial impact on insurance disputes in both international and domestic litigation. With regard to the amendment to the Swiss Insurance Contracts Act, the authors discuss the most important litigation-relevant issues such as the introduction of a direct right of claim for liability insurance or changes in the recourse and subrogation regime. A special focus is placed on the latest judgment of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court rejecting insurance coverage for business shutdown losses due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Subject: Private Clients
Autor: Mark Meili

Revision of inheritance law and company succession

In the latest issue of "UnternehmerZeitung", Mark Meili provides an overview of the revision of Swiss inheritance law and its effects on company succession.

Subject: Private Clients
Autor: Mark Meili

Settle the succession already during lifetime

In the current issue of the "Hotellerie Gastronomie Zeitung" Mark Meili elaborates on the revision of Swiss inheritance law and what problems arise in the context of company succession.

Subject: Insolvency & Restructuring
Autor: Daniel Hayek, Mark Meili

The Insolvency Review 2022: Switzerland

Daniel Hayek and Mark Meili published the Swiss chapter in the latest edition of The Insolvency Review. In this chapter, the authors give an overview of the distinctive features of Swiss insolvency laws and explain why the number of bankruptcies has started to increase despite the financial measures taken by the Swiss government in connection with the covid-19 crisis.

Subject: Corporate News
Autor: Reto M. Jenny, Verena Morscher-Guggenbühl
Reading time: 1 Min

Winter internships at Prager Dreifuss

The popular summer internship at Prager Dreifuss gets an ice-cold counterpart.

Subject: Corporate & M&A
Autor: Daniel Hayek, Mark Meili

Getting The Deal Through: Joint Ventures 2023 – Switzerland

In this article of Getting The Deal Through, Daniel Hayek and Mark Meili outline the statutory framework for joint ventures in Switzerland and discuss current trends in this area.