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Position: Senior Counsel
Practice Areas: Competition & Regulatory Matters , Corporate & M&A
Field-Display: Competition & Regulatory Matters Team , Corporate & M&A Team , COVID19

Marino Baldi

Senior Counsel

Dr Marino Baldi advises on Swiss and international business law, particularly antitrust and competition law, the law of international trade relations, international investments and on European single market law. As the Swiss ambassador and a member of SECO’s Board of Directors, he led many international trade negotiations and played a critically important part in the current competition and single market law. He was a member of the Swiss Competition Commission and teaches European and international business law at the University of Zurich.

Position: Senior Counsel
Practice Areas: Corporate & M&A , Employment & Pensions , Private Clients
Field-Display: Corporate & M&A Team , Employment & Pensions Maincontact , Private Clients Maincontact

Urs Brunner

Senior Counsel

Dr Urs Brunner advises Swiss and foreign companies and private individuals on commercial law matters, particularly in the areas of employment law, organization and succession planning. He is the chairman or board member of many foundations, primarily non-profits.

Position: Senior Counsel
Practice Areas: Employment & Pensions , IP & IT , Private Clients
Field-Display: Employment & Pensions Maincontact , IP & IT Maincontact , Private Clients Maincontact

Ralph Butz

Senior Counsel

Ralph Butz specializes in commercial and corporate law matters relating to Swiss and international companies. In particular, this includes employment and contract law as well as distribution, licensing and IP issues. Ralph Butz also has extensive experience in the area of Swiss and international inheritance law and in advising Swiss and international clients in estate planning, succession planning for businesses including its implementation.

Position: Senior Counsel
Practice Areas: Corporate & M&A , Dispute Resolution , IP & IT
Field-Display: Corporate & M&A Team , Dispute Resolution Team , IP & IT Maincontact

Gaudenz F. Domenig

Senior Counsell

Gaudenz Domenig represents Swiss and foreign clients before Swiss courts and Swiss and international arbitration tribunals. He has proven experience of litigation in all areas of commercial law, including directors’, officers’ and auditors’ liability claims, international legal assistance and bankruptcy proceedings. Gaudenz Domenig also appears before state courts and Federal courts in New York. He has extensive experience in corporate mergers. He acts as a consultant and member of the board of directors for companies in a wide range of sectors.

Position: Senior Counsel
Practice Areas: Corporate & M&A , Private Clients , Real Estate & Construction
Field-Display: Corporate & M&A Team , Private Clients Team , Real Estate & Construction Team

Tis Prager

Senior Counsel

Dr Tis Prager has specialized for more than 40 years in advising entrepreneurs, in particular in the succession planning of their business and personal assets and its practical implementation. His clients in this area benefit from his experience in corporate and tax law and in the administration of large assets. Tis Prager is Chairman of Hotel Zürich AG (Marriott), Scherer & Bühler AG and, pro bono, of the KEDA Foundation, which founded the CULINARIUM ALPINUM. These and other directorships with Hilti AG (Schaan), Bourquin SA, IE Engineering etc. underlie his expertise in strategy and governance.