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Andrea Schütz

Associated Partner

Position: Partner , Associated Partner
Practice Areas: Dispute Resolution , Health and Medical Law
Field-Display: Dispute Resolution Team , Health and Medical Law Maincontact , Startups

Dr Andrea Schütz's practice focuses on pharmaceutical and healthcare law. She mainly advises and represents pharmaceutical and medtech companies, medical professionals and private and public institutions in the healthcare sector. In particular, she deals with licences under pharmaceutical and health law, administrative and criminal proceedings under medicinal products law, reimbursement by health insurance funds as well as the advertising and distribution of medical devices and medicinal products. Due to her former position as head of investigations in the criminal law service of Swissmedic as well as her many years of professional experience in the health law sector, she is very familiar with the regulatory requirements in the therapeutic products sector. Andrea Schütz also specialises in constitutional and administrative law (e.g. municipal law, education law, supervisory law, personnel law, environmental law, etc.) and administrative criminal law.


+41 44 254 55 55



Admission to the Bar

Admitted in Switzerland (2008) 

Practice Areas

  • Health & Medical Law
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Dispute Resolution


  • University of Lucerne (CAS Forensics, 2016)
  • University of Melbourne (Master of Health and Medical Law, LL.M., 2014)
  • University of Zurich (Dr. iur., 2011)
  • University of Fribourg (Lic. iur., 2003)


  • German
  • English
  • French


  • Zurich and Swiss Bar Association
  • Middle European Organisation for Regulatory Affairs (MEGRA)
  • Swiss Medtech


Melanie Cica
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Monika Bren
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She is a Next Generation Partner in healthcare and life sciences — Legal 500 EMEA 2024

Winner - Mondaq Thought Leadership Awards, Autumn 2023

She is a Next Generation Partner — Legal 500 EMEA 2022



Subject: Health and Medical Law
Autor: Marcel Frey, Christian Schönfeld, Andrea Schütz

Winner - Mondaq Thought Leadership Awards, Autumn 2023

Prager Dreifuss is proud to announce that our colleagues Andrea Schütz, Christian Schönfeld and Marcel Frey have been recognised by Mondaq as thought leaders in the area of Food, Drugs, Healthcare and Life Sciences in Switzerland in its autumn 2023 awards.

Subject: Health and Medical Law
Autor: Andrea Schütz, Guy Deillon

Peut-on encore planifier la succession médicale?

Admission AOS En raison des nouvelles restrictions d’admission des médecins, il devient plus difficile de reprendre un cabinet médical. Qui souhaite acheter ou vendre un cabinet ne devrait pas régler le transfert du numéro RCC, mais celui de l’admission AOS. Il appartient aux cantons de décider si et comment les admissions AOS peuvent être transférées. Un aperçu de la situation juridique actuelle.

Subject: Health and Medical Law
Autor: Marino Baldi, Bernhard C. Lauterburg, Andrea Schütz, Philipp E. Zurkinden

GCR Life Sciences - Switzerland

A stable and comprehensible legal framework is of great importance, not only in crisis situations, but in general. Legal uncertainties are poison for the supply of a country with important medical goods. The life sciences sector has so far not raised any major competition law issues in Switzerland. Yet, recent jurisprudence as well as enacted and planned legislative amendments are not free of contradictions and ambiguities. The lack of an update of the Mutual Recognition Agreement and the related status of Switzerland as a third country vis-à-vis the EU brought additional uncertainties. The authors provide an overview of the current regulatory environment and discuss the implications of planned legislative changes.

Subject: Privacy policy
Autor: Christian Schönfeld, Andrea Schütz

IoT and data protection - challenge and opportunity

The "Internet of Things" (IoT) causes our private life to increasingly become part of the Internet. Nevertheless, many IoT applications do not meet the requirements of data protection law. In this publication, the authors Dr Andrea Schütz and Dr Christian Schönfeld illustrate that data protection law is not just a regulatory hurdle, but can also be used as a potential competitive advantage.

Subject: Health and Medical Law
Autor: Marcel Frey, Christian Schönfeld, Andrea Schütz

Medical Devices & Consumer Health Products 2022: A Chambers Global Practice Guide Publication

After Switzerland's designation as a "third country" by the EU, the Swiss medtech industry faces two existential challenges. On the one hand, it must ensure the sustainable supply of medical devices to the Swiss population. On the other hand, it must maintain the competitiveness and innovative strength of Switzerland in the global medical market. This article illustrates the challenges but also the opportunities for the Swiss and foreign medtech industry related to the "third country" status of Switzerland.

Subject: Health and Medical Law
Autor: Andrea Schütz
Reading time: 60 Min

The threat of supply deficits for medical devices in Switzerland

For a number of reasons, it is not certain that sufficient medical devices will be available to supply the Swiss population in the coming years. This publication intends to show healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals the legal instruments available to them to prevent supply shortages and to make concrete recommendations for action. It also serves as an appeal to politicians and health authorities to proactively address the issue of supply shortages of medical devices, including in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Subject: Health and Medical Law
Autor: Andrea Schütz
Paper: AJP/PJA
Reading time: 4 Min

The person responsible for regulatory compliance (PRRC)

Only the first page of the article of the current edition of the journal «Aktuelle juristische Praxis» (AJP) is published.


Subject: Health and Medical Law
Autor: Andrea Schütz

Unacceptable methods of health insurers

From our Health and Medical Law Team: In the current edition of the Schweizerische Ärztezeitung (SÄZ), Dr Andrea Schütz provides physicians with information on how they can defend themselves against unacceptable methods of health insurers.(original article in German)

Subject: Startups
Autor: Rahel A. Nedi, Andrea Schütz

Providing Legal Advice for Female Founders

News from our Start Up Desk: in the current issue of Ladies Drive Andrea Schütz and Rahel Nedi discuss their commitment for Female Founders

Subject: Health and Medical Law
Autor: Andrea Schütz
Reading time: 15 Min

Does the revised medical device law really improve the quality and safety of medical devices?

After various shocking incidents involving medical devices, numerous calls were made for stricter measures to increase safety and protect public health. As a result, medical device legislation in both the EU and Switzerland has been thoroughly revised. Andrea Schütz' article critically examines whether the numerous legislative adjustments will actually lead to an improvement in the quality and safety of medical devices. (PDF available in German only.)